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Are you ready to get your badass book cover underway? Just reach out via the Contact Me section of this website or email me directly at Feel free to give me some initial information about your cover: genre, rough synopsis, publication timeline, etc. I do require a $50 non-refundable deposit per book. Once we lock in a start date, I'll issue the deposit invoice via PayPal. 

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I have a form you can fill out that allows you to detail out your story and any thoughts about the cover's direction. I can send it when you book or the week of.


The week has come and its time to start our collaboration! The initial concept proof usually takes anywhere from 4-6 business days from the agreed upon start date. I might email you with random questions or ask for certain details we haven't covered already during this time. This is the easy part for you, just sit back and wait!



Here is where you come in! I'll send the initial concept over to you via email. FIrst proofs are just that, first proofs. They get the conversation started and thats all I want. You can make any changes or tweaks you want and even scrap the whole proof if you don't like the direction its going! You get four rounds of revisions here, so be comprehensive and clear in your feedback. There is typically a day or two wait before the next proof is sent back to you. It really depends on the intensity of the requested edits. I'll send out another proof and we go from there, honing your cover till its just right!



Once we've dialed in your cover and you've signed off on the front cover, I'll issue the final invoice via PayPal less the $50 deposit. I'll get the final high resolution file of the eCover ready and send it over. At this point I'll move onto the paperback phase of your cover if you're ready for that. If you're not ready for the paperback yet, that's okay. I can tackle it the following week, following month or whatever timeline you are on. 



For my current pricing and availability, send me a message below! 

Thanks for submitting!


I make badass covers for badass stories. Full of grit and storytelling, my work is geared to instantly capture a reader's attention. Using 3-d modeling software combined with digital painting, my fully custom creations play with perspective and scale in a way few other covers in the industry do.

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