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Fantasy Author - Handcrafted Words Journal
  • Fantasy Author - Handcrafted Words Journal

    SKU: 13788560607492297702

    This journal is the ultimate accessory for any fantasy author who wants to add a touch of creativity and inspiration to their writing routine. With its unique design and striking imagery, this journal is sure to help you unleash your imagination and craft hand-crafted words that transport readers to magical worlds.


    Featuring a minimalistic image of a skull with crossed ink pens and the words "Fantasy Author: Hand Crafted Words" in bold script, this journal exudes a sense of creativity and craftsmanship. The white and orange color scheme adds to the journal's overall aesthetic, while the high-quality materials ensure that it's both durable and practical.


    So go ahead and treat yourself to this unique and stylish "Fantasy Author: Hand Crafted Words" journal - it's the perfect way to fuel your creativity and inspire you to write hand-crafted words that will transport your readers to fantastical realms.

    .: 118 ruled line pages (59 sheets) .: Front cover print .: Dark grey back cover

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